Sunday, March 27, 2016

800-961-1963-Outlook 2016 for Mac OS X-Whats New Features

All new Outlook 2016 for Mac OS X has arrived with great features. Contact 1-800-961-1963 for Outlook troubleshooting help on Mac OS X and learn more exciting Outlook features. Customer Service for Expert Help

Microsoft offers comprehensive technical support and help on emails. Contact 1-800-961-1963 for Outlook Customer Service and get expert help and support from Outlook technicians.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

800-961-1963-Outlook Help On IMAP Accounts And Connectivity to Social Networks

1. Connects to Social Networks

Microsoft Outlook allows you to get socialized with the help of its amazing feature Outlook Social Connector. This is designed to provide an opportunity to fetch more information about their friends through other social websites. It allows you to sync the contact list with other social networking websites so that you can get complete information of your friends listed in your email account.

In addition, you can also converse, add new contacts and manage the social network content in an ideal way. However, there are some common technical problems that can take place while installing Outlook email app on your computer system. Read more at

2.   Add Yahoo IMAP Account in Outlook

Are you planning to manage your Yahoo mail with the help of Microsoft Outlook email client app? Don’t worry! It can be accomplished through a very comfortable and user-friendly procedure. If you are unable to add Yahoo IMAP account in Outlook, you should approach a third party technical support service provider, rather than going to community forum in search of Microsoft Outlook technical support.

There are some independent technical support service providers who are extending their technical expertise in adding Yahoo mail in Outlook email application. You can go for certified Yahoo IMAP configuration help for Outlook, offered by expert technical professionals. Read more at

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

800-961-1963-Help On Deleted or Duplicated Outlook 2016 Emails & Features

1.    Deleted or Duplicated Outlook 2016 Emails With POP Accounts

Microsoft Outlook 2016 has been reported to have bugs that deletes and duplicates email messages, if they are saved on email server. A lot of Outlook users have posted their concerns on the Microsoft community forum and they have sought for the technical support so as to fix the bug and protect their important messages.

The issue is particularly affecting those Outlook accounts that use POP3 standard to download the email messages.

If you are experiencing these problems with your Microsoft Outlook 2016, Intelli Atlas Inc. is here to help you with our certified Outlook 2016 support. Instead of waiting for the support on community forum, come to us and get the bugs fixed instantly in real time. Read more at

2.   Outlook 2016 for Windows-What's New

Planning to upgrade to Microsoft Outlook 2016? You need to get certified Outlook 2016 Windows support to avoid any potential technical issues. We, at Intelli Atlas, offer a set of ascertained techniques so as to conclude the transition procedure smoothly and instantly as well. 

Before you start downloading the latest Microsoft Outlook 2016 on your computer system, it is necessary to check if your computer system is well prepared to run the latest version Outlook 2016.

We firstly check if the available version of Windows and Service Pack level is technically updated for Microsoft Outlook 2016. Our expert technicians do their best in providing Microsoft Outlook technical support while installing the latest Outlook 2016. Read more at

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

800-961-1963-Get Help On GIPHY, Features And Applications

1.–Better Than Before With New Features And Applications

Technology giant Microsoft has devoted much of the last year in advancing its email client application with some amazing and useful applications. Microsoft appears to bring Microsoft Outlook® users lots of amazing features and applications so as to make their experiences with Outlook® email app better and more useful.

While the users were availing of its preview edition, they experienced some technical issues with the email application. Consequently, they had to rush for reliable Microsoft Outlook Help from a certified technical support company. Though the email issues with the email client were not enormous, yet some small problems were causing inconveniences to the users. Read more at

2.     Unable To Understand GIPHY In Outlook®? Access Outlook® Help

Are you facing problems in using GIPHY in your newly installed Outlook® email app? Don’t panic, it’s not an enormous issue. You can overcome all types of issues you experience while using GIPHY in Outlook®.com with the help of accurate and reliable Microsoft Outlook Helpline Number.

There are some reliable third party technical support companies that extend their best support to fix all types of technical issues instantly and affordably as well. World’s leading technology company Microsoft has announced its Office 365-powered Outlook® email application, addressing all the identified common technical issues and bringing in some innovative features, including highly innovative GIPHY. Users across the globe are upgrading the existing email app so as to avail of the new and advanced version of Outlook® email app. Read more at

Tuesday, March 1, 2016 has gone out of Preview: What you ought to Know About

Get instant help and support from expert professionals who can help you configure the latest version according to your need for all Outlook email client & users. Get some important methods to fix common problems in Microsoft Outlook. Call 800-961-1963 technical Support Phone Number for instant help and support from experts. If you need to know about as Microsoft brings it out of preview. Now Still getting error message then just go for Microsoft Outlook expert for help.

Microsoft® Outlook had started to appear outmoded, however the popular email client offers a fresh life with some enjoyable applications and features. There are more features put into the e-mail client than everything you can imagine. Listed below are 5 interesting things you can get from the e-mail client:

Use Category to tell apart your Email Messages

Microsoft® Outlook now lets you distinct the e-mail messages. Now you can personalize how you receive messages so that your individual and professional emails are actually categorized in two unique categories. Select Filtration Email option to get yourself a particular category on display rapidly. 

Microsoft® technical support may help you do it immediately without the technical glitches.

Attachment from the Cloud Safe-keeping Services

Today, almost all of the users retail outlet their valuable info on cloud with a target to keep them secure and protected. New improvements in Microsoft® Outlook let you attach documents from the cloud where you contain placed your important data. 

You take advantage of Microsoft® Outlook email client to be able to manage your messages, timetable appointments, to make reminders and to-carry out lists. If we encapsulate the complete conditions in one word, in that case Microsoft® Outlook stands to get everything that drives your individual and professional life effortlessly.

But when the e-mail client will behave weirdly and function not in the manner what you need to have, it again becomes a nightmare abruptly. When you open Microsoft® Outlook and it displays one message that reads as “Microsoft® Outlook not responding,” your daylong plan is apparently vanishing.

Since May possibly 2015, provides been under a comprehensive revamp procedure to be able to resolve the issues that have been probably to occur. Now Microsoft®® has taken the email client software out of its preview program with some more features and plug-in functions. Now it is open to run and assist you to manage your electronic mails and create appointments.

If you have downloaded the most recent edition and want to avail of its features and applications, speak to specialists to find beneficial Microsoft Outlook® Support Center.

Once famed as Hotmail, Microsoft®®’s revamped is created on the bottom of Business office 365 technology. And consistent with its objective to body the e-mail application into a complete solution, Microsoft®® has began adding noteworthy plug-ins and features to generate interesting features and applications, if you have to install the software as another plug-in from Microsoft®®’s store if you're planning to make make use of it on desktop.